Review: TaoTronics Smartphone Holder for Car Windshield & Dashboard

TaoTronics Smartphone Holder for car Windshield & Dashboard |

For review, I was sent a TaoTronics Smartphone Holder for Car Windshield & Dashboard. I’ve wanted to have a smartphone holder in my car for a while, just to try it and see what it’s all about. I liked that this one features 360 degree rotation and adjustments, so you can have your phone at any angle imaginable.  Continue on to read my review… 

I don’t use my phone’s GPS while driving, because it usually just pisses me off, as is the common use for this holder. I wanted a place to put my phone to play music from. The radio in my car is half dead and once I drive above about 55 MPG, I can’t hear it well anymore. That’s when my phone and a portable speaker come in. 

TaoTronics Smartphone Holder Car Cradle |

The installation was quite easy. I had originally thought the cradle used a large sticker to stay in place, but in fact it is a suction. That way you can easily move it or take it off if you don’t want it on all the time. I leave the base on my cars dashboard all the time (where I’ve opted to suction it), but I removed the cradle part itself unless in use. I think it looks nicer that way.

TaoTronics Smartphone Holder Specs |

Keep posted to my social media accounts for a picture of the smartphone holder in my car. I seem to have deleted that picture off my camera, so I’ll need to take another. I usually use my phone for pictures, but I’d like my phone to be in the picture so you can see how it holds it. Perhaps also a video of it would be helpful. (But alas, must post this review now.)

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TaoTronics Smartphone Holder Information |

Overall, I like this TaoTronics Smartphone Holder. I’m pleased with it so far. I have used it going back and forth to see my boyfriend a couple times now, a couple hour journey. It holds my phone right where I want it, and I can even get away with using just my phones’ speaker when its in the cradle versus being on the seat next to me.

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