Review: InstaNatural’s Moroccan Rose Water and Eye Gel

Youth Express Eye Gel | 100% Pure Natural Moroccan Rose Water |
In the interest of not having like 8 posts for InstaNatural products, I’m combining my reviews for their products so that each posts contains two products and their reviews. I’m really enjoying InstaNatural products, and will continue to review them so long as I’m permitted and there are new products that are of interest to me. Continue on to read my reviews of the two products shown above…

I hope by now you all know that if I review more than one product from a company, it’s because I like that company, not just because I can. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll remember that back in my earlier days, I use to review whatever I could. But now that I have a bit more of a following, I find it more appropriate to try and limit myself. Now on the the reviews!

InstaNatural’s Youth Express Eye Gel

Youth Express Eye Gel Directions | Youth Express Eye Gel Ingredients | 
For review, I was sent the above Youth Express Eye Gel (well, those pictures are just of the information found on the packaging– you can click on the images to further enlarge them for your reading ease). I’ve never really used an eye gel, so I thought I would give one a try. 

This gel is a clear-ish color and a true gel consistency. It smells clean and fresh to my nostrils. I notice that one of the first ingredients in Aloe, which I can smell. I’m somewhat allergic/intolerant to Aloe Vera all of a sudden, so I have to careful and sparing in my application of this product. It applies nice and smoothly to the skin, and a little goes a long way.
Overall, I think this is a nice eye gel if you’re in the market for a more natural-based eye gel. Though people my age use eye gel, I’m not ‘people’. I’ll probably pass this eye gel along to my mother where it will get more use and be better appreciated. But I do recommend it.

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InstaNatural’s 100% Pure Natural Moroccan Rose Water
Moroccan Rose Water Ingredients | maegal.blogspot.comMoroccan Rose Water Directions |
For review, I was sent this bottle of Moroccan Rose Water (click on the images above to enlarge them). I’ve been reading about Rose Water a lot lately. It seems to be growing in popularity alongside Argan Oil. I’ve been wanting to try out Rose Water, as it serves a couple purposes. Additionally, I love the smell of roses, and unlike Rose Hip Oil, Rose Water does have the rose scent.

As for the scent of this rose water, it smells strongly of sweet, fresh, fragrant rose. There is also a bit of an earthy undertone that I can smell in it. I like the scent overall, and if you like roses, you will, too. The directions on the package indicate that Rose Water can be used in a number of different applications. Such as; toner, cleansing, hair care, bath, aftershave, blemishes and many more.

I’ve been using this Rose Water as a toner, though I’d like to give the other uses a try. I find that it leaves my skin feeling just as nice as using any other toner, but without all the chemical-y ingredients. I like using this Rose Water as a toner before applying my Rosehip Oil at night.

Overall, I’ve been enjoying using this Rose Water and will continue to use it as my toner until it’s all gone. I’d like to give it a try in the bath, as suggested, as well as seeing how it might work for me as a cleanser and in my hair paired with argan oil.

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