Review & Giveaway: Lakota Herbs & $150 Amazon Giftcard | 10/13

Lakota Herbs Product Line |

For review, I was sent this generous passel of items from Lakota Herbs. I’m not one for using Western medicine/ pharmaceuticals so long as I can help it. I thought I would give Lakota a try because it’s never a bad thing to have some herbal pain medicine on hand. Continue on to read my review and enter to win a $150 Amazon Giftcard thanks to Lakota!

Lakota offers supplements to help relieve…
Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Sleep & Pain, Diabetic Pain, Arthritis Pain and Canine Joint

Lakota Herbs Joint and Arthritis Care |

All these medicines contain natural ingredients such as; “white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw, boswellia and others; combined with modern, natural ingredients such as glucosamine and collagen type II” ( That’s most of why I’m so supportive of these products! I love finding natural, non-chemical ways to deal with various ailments. 

Lakota Herbs Back and Muscle Pain |

While I don’t experience a lot of pain, I do get back pain from time to time. I’m actually currently in a bout of back pain. It’s usually caused by the fact that I spend much of my day sitting, and I don’t always have the best posture. I didn’t feel my back pain was strong enough to need an oral supplement, but I thought I would give the roll on a try.

Lakota Herbs Back, Muscle and Arthritis Pain Roll On |

Overall, from my experience with the roll on for back pain, I’m pleased with these products. I felt as though my back pain was relieved a bit, though the package does state it will take consistent use over time to really notice a significant impact. I also found that the actual roller ball was comforting to a sore back.

Lakota PM Night Time Pain Relief |

One of my Dad’s friends experiences back and joint pain on a fairly regular basis, and she is like me in the way of not wanting to use traditional pain pills. I plan to keep the roller and one of the pill bottles for myself, but I’m going to pass the others along to her where they will be better utilized and appreciated. 

Lakota Canine Joint Care | maegal.blogspot.comLakota Canine Joint Care Bone Pills |

And look at these cute little doggies supplements! My dog is getting into his later years, and you can tell his joints are beginning to affect him. I have to consult with the vet, as he is on a special diet, but I think these might just be the thing he needs to help him feel more comfortable.

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