Review & Giveaway: iArrow Sports Armband | Ends 10/31

iArrow Sports Armband |

For review, I was sent this iArrow Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s. I was excited to review this armband, because I don’t have one for my phone. But that is where the troubles begin… 

Continue on to read my review, listen to me vent, and enter to win this for yourself!

I have an iPhone 4s, and though I try to be particularly careful when offering to review phone related items, I’ve gone and made an error in ordering something for review that I cannot actually review in use myself. Boo!

And then, to make matters worse, when I just now went to write my review, I realize that I somehow managed to deleted my better pictures that I had taken when initially receiving this armband. But I need to have the post published, as promised, in fifteen minutes! …Did I ever mention that I’m a terrible procrastinator?

So instead of a review, this is going to be an overview.

iArrow Sports Armband Info |

I’m pleased with how this armband seems to work. I’m actually quite disappointed that I didn’t check well enough to see that it wouldn’t work for me. I was pleased with this right from the beginning, simply because I like the clean and simpleness of the packaging. I’m a sucker for simple, clean packaging.

The armband works by adjusting with an elastic strap to securely hold on to your bicep. The band is then attached to a hard, plastic case which holds your phone. I like that this case is hard, because it seems even more safe and secure that way. 

I hope that you all enter, those who have iPhone 5/5s’, because I’d really love to see someone getting good use out of this while I cannot. Be sure to check it out, below!

Buy on…*

iArrow Sports Armband Giveaway |

Be sure to visit @theMaeGal on Instagram to enter to win!

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