Review: BeeSili™ Ice Pop Molds

Bee Sili Ice Pop Mold Six Color Package |

For review, I was sent a set of five Bee Sili Ice Pop Molds. These molds are made a silicone and come in a package of six colors. They’re freezer safe (as you would hope for an ice pop mold) and easy to wash. Continue on to read my review of these ice pop molds.

Bee Sili Ice Pop Mold with Cap |
To give these little ice molds try, I poured some tasty lemonade into one of these molds. They seem to hold a decent amount, like a usual ice pop. I found that the wire rack in our freezer has slots just the right size to place the ice pops and have them hang to freeze. It worked quite well!

As for eating the ice pop, I found that you could either squeeze and break it up, run it under hot water to soften the sides, or otherwise squeeze it out of the silicone. You might have to wait until they thaw some before you gave it to kids, unless you don’t mind a huge, sticky mess (which is sometimes fun).

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Overall, I like these molds. I do like to have fruit pops from time to time, so it’ll be nice to have an easy way to freeze from fruit juice for a nice frozen treat. These would also be a great treat for kids, without as much sugar and in a flavor of their choice! I think these would make a fun gift for the kids on your holiday list (yes, it’s time to start thinking about that already, ah!).

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