Review: Ozeri Ultra Wind 42″ Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Face and Control Panel |
For review, I was sent an Oscillating Tower Fan from Ozeri. I’ve previously reviewed a fan from Ozeri,  but I wanted to review this one with the purpose of having it be our new wood stove heat circulation system, or sorts. Continue on to read my review, and view a video clip of these fan in motion.

Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan |

This fan is about 3 feet tall, counting the extended base. It’s fan area is about 1.5 feet tall, which makes for a nice amount of air flow. The oscillation rotates to cover about three-quarters of the fans surrounding area. It features of control panel as well as a removable remote. The display screen shows you the temperature of the air by the fan as well as the speed and mode you are using.

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Here is a video showing the fan in action. I tried to do a voiceover so you could get a better idea what you’re seeing, but my iMovie was creating a terrible buzzing when I tried. Another time, hopefully…

So far, this fan is working out pretty well next to our wood stove. It’s only just now begun to get cold enough some days to justify lighting a fire. We have the fan currently placed to the side of the wood stove so that it can push the hot air in from of the stove out into the rest of the room. The oscillation is helpful in spreading around the heat. And it seem to be working pretty well so far!
Ozeri Oscillating Tower Fan Control Panel | maegal.blogspot.comOzeri Oscillating Tower Fan Base |
Overall, I like this fan. It’s shape makes it nice for small spaces, because it doesn’t take up a lot of room, but still give off a lot of fan power and air. It’s working quite well in conjunction with our wood stove, and I imagine it would be great for hot days in the summer, too.

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