Review & Giveaway: MagicMil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels | Ends 11/4

Magicmil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels and Liquid Chalk Pen |
For review, I was sent a package of MagicMil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels. The package includes four sheets with two different sizes of labels and a liquid chalk pen. You can reuse these labels using chalk or the liquid chalk pen, but you can also use other more permanent choices. Continue on to read my review on these labels.

While I don’t have a particularly good use for these labels right now, I’m very excited to use them once I move out on my own again. I have a set of kitchen contains (for flour, sugar and things like that) that I really want to use these labels with. I think it would look so cute to have these labels on them. My contains are black and I like that these black labels will blend in a fair amount, for a seamless look. I’ve seen similar looks around Pinterest, and I just can’t help myself in wanting them!

Magicmil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels Ideas |

I actually am using one of these labels right now on the side of the jar that holds all my nail polish. I thought it could use a cute label, so I through one on. The container is clear, so I know that’s in it, but that’s not that point. It’s a visual thing!

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Magicmil Writable Adhesive Chalkboard Labels Examples |
I ran out of ideas for words and patterns, those bottom two are rough word choice and design. Ha!
Overall, I really like these labels. I washed and rewrote on them, and so far the labels hold up well and don’t leave a residue like I thought they might. These would be great for labeling all sorts of things; containers in your kitchen, coat hooks by the door, kids clothing dresser drawers, or other areas of the house that could use labeling and organizing.
Three (3) winners will receive a coupon to buy this set for only $1.00!
Makes a great gift, win the coupon and use it to buy a friend a surprise!

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