Review: Degree MotionSense™ Deodorant

Degree MotionSense Deodorant Influenster VoxBox

For review, I was sent a Degree MotionSense™ Deodorant via Influenster’s VoxBox. I was sent a deodorant stick in the scent ‘Fresh Energy’. As the packaging suggests, this is the new improved 48-hour protection formula. Continue on to read my review…

This is going to be a fairly brief review. As you know, I like to keep all my reviews brief, but I’m just not sure how much I can ramble on about deodorant. But I can sure tell you my experience in short and what my overall feel is for the product.

Degree MotionSense Deodorant Degree MotionSense Deodorant Drug Facts

This Degree deodorant has a nice, fresh scent (as the name might suggest). It’s not too flower-y or overpowering, which I appreciate in a deodorant. It applies nice a smoothly to your underarms, and so far doesn’t appear to be too powder-y. 

Overall, I like this Degree MotionSense Deodorant. It seems to do the trick of keeping my underarms from smelling, keeps the BO away. This deodorant is also an anti-perspirant, but I can’t particularly vouch for it in the regard. I need prescription strength if I’m trying not to sweat! (But I’d rather not clog my pores to make it happen). If you’re an active person looking to continue smelling fresh, I suggest checking this out.

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