Review: ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Wall Decal from Bobee

A photo posted by theMaeGal (@themaegal) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:01am PDT

For review, I was sent the above ‘You Are My Sunshine’ Wall Decal from Bobee. I’ve used wall decals in the past, but I’ve never had one that features words. I’ve always liked the look of having a little quote or phrase on your wall, so I was excited to give this a try. Continue reading to see this deal on my wall…

I decided to place the wall decal in my bedroom between a picture of my and a painting I did. The picture is from when I was 16 (a friend of my Mom’s took it and gave it to me as a sweet sixteen gift when I was going through those tough years). The painting is from my art class in 8th grade.
Bobee You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal |
This wall decal applied pretty easily. I struggled a bit, but the end result doesn’t show that at all, I was able to fix any possible errors before the happened. I’ve used other wall decals in the past and had bad results, where it just wouldn’t say on the wall. In that regard, this wall decal was great for installing. It stayed where you put it, and I even have a somewhat textured wall!
Bobee You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal Close Up |
Overall, I really like this wall decal and my experience with Bobee. I’ve always wanted a word wall decal of some kind, and now I finally have one. I’m quite pleased with it. These would make great gifts for anyone of your holiday shopping list, with other designs to choose from!


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