Review: Pouch2Go- Reusable, Washable Food Pouch

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For review, I was sent a package of 5 Pouch2Go reusable, easy fill pouches. These pouches are reusable, washable, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA-free and they’re easy to fill! I’ve been wanting to try reusable versions of these popular food pouches since I first learned of them. Continue on to read my review…

As I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to try these reusable pouches since I first learned of them. I’ve worked in childcare off and on for years, and I just so happened to be working at a school that doesn’t serve lunch when single use pouches became popular. I always thought it was so wasteful. You have to throw them out after each use, and they’re expensive! But then the reusable ones came along…

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Pouch2Go pouches are great because you save money and the environment all at once. It’s much less expensive to buy a big container of applesauce and fill these pouches then buying them already filled at the store. Plus, you’re not putting so much waste in the landfill with the throw away pouches.

Great for: 
Travel, Lunches, On-the-Go
Yogurt, Applesauce, Homemade Baby Food 

While this product seems more geared toward children, I have been happily taking mine along with me in my lunch bag to the office. I’ve been filling my pouch with some homemade applesauce that we froze last year. But it’s almost time to make some applesauce from this years crop!

Pouch2Go Lid Off | maegal.blogspot.comPouch2Go Lid On |

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying these pouches and will continue to use them. My Mom, who is a preschool teacher, is planning on taking one to show parents at next years orientation, to try and cut down on the waste from single-use pouches. I’m excited to see what else I can use these pouches with food-wise.

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