Design Your Own Custom ZX Flux Shoes with adidas {Sponsored}

mizxflux adidas shoes |
Design your OWN shoes with adidas! These shoes would make a great, custom gift from you to someone special this holiday season. Or treat yourself to a design all your own! Continue on to learn about adidas’ new Android and iPhone app that let’s YOU design your OWN shoes…

Welcome to the New #miZXFLUX app*
adidas has officially launched their new, innovative app that allows you to create your own custom shoes! The app is available for Android and Apple. You can create your own custom shoe using your own pictures or ones you find. 
Custom ZX Flux Shoes (via the app) will cost $110. Shoes will be delivered in about 3-4 weeks. Certain photos (copyright, inappropriate/offensive material, very large/small file size) can’t be used in the design of your shoes.
Get the #miZXFLUX app* today and create your custom shoes. 

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