Review: Karmick Eye Mask

Karmick Eye Mask |

For review, I was sent the Karmick eyemask. This eyemask is great for sleep, relaxation and beauty. It can be used as hot or cold therapy, or just as it is Continue on to read my review…

This eye mask contains lavender for relaxation purposes and organic flax seed as the heat/cold holding element. I’ve used other similar masks and pain relief bags, but they usually use rice. I like that this mask uses flax seed for a change. That may also contribute to why this mask felt like it sank in the hollows of my eyes better. 
Karmick Eye Mask Information |
It can be placed in the microwave to be used hot therapy, or placed in the freezer to be used as cold therapy. 

Karmick Eye Mask Directions |
Overall, I like this mask. I’ve used similar bags for muscle pain, but never an eye mask. I actually found just having the weight of the bag on my eyes and the scent of the lavender in my nose to be quite relaxing. I heated it up and found that also relaxing and soothing, though I’m not a big fan of heat on my eyes. I did really like using these cold. I think, in fact, it may help reduce eye puffiness having the cold compress on your eyes.

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