Review: Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan |

For review, I was sent a 3-piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Set from Ozeri. I’ve reviewed numerous Ozeri products in the past, as most of you know, and continue to love and support most of their products. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more of their pans! Continue on to read my review and see detailed pictures…

I’ve reviewed two Ozeri pans in the past, one of which was the Green Earth Pan in the middle size of this set (the other a Stainless Steel Pan). I cannot explain how excited I was to receive these! I’ve even slowly stocking up on these better, ceramic pans and replaced my old, teflon ones. I even bought my Mom a Green Pan for Christmas last year and plan to buy one for my sister this year! That’s how much I like them. I highly recommend them.

Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Information |
Now I won’t be sharing with you all pictures of these exact pans, because I have a plan. As I’m currently living with my Mom and she has a set of everything I use and need, I’ll be putting these pans in storage, all new and shiny, for the day when I finally move. That way I’ll have a lovely set of pans as a housewarming gift to myself.

These pans remind me of cast iron. Similarly, they have to be seasoned before use, they don’t really need soap to be washed (though you can, unlike cast iron), they’re non-stick and they’re just generally amazing.
Ozeri 3-Piece Green Earth Ceramic Pan Close Up |

I will, however, show you the close ups from the first time I reviewed one of these Green Pans. This is the medium sized pan. As you can see, the face of these pans features a ‘honey comb’ type of texture. It’s fun because it tends to stamp some things, like pancakes. I’m easily amused, and quite like the visual of a patterned pancake.

Overall, I really, honestly do love these pans I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pan. I’ve read that teflon really isn’t good for you to be using, and ceramic pans are a wonderful alternative. These pans don’t stick and wash well. I will continue to praise them, and continue to buy them as gifts for family and friends!

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