Review: MagnaBlade – Razor Blade for Men & Women

MagnaBlade Mens and Womens Razor Shaver |
For review, I was sent this MagnaBlade. I wanted to review this razor blade because I’m very particular with my razor blades and thought it was time to give another blade a try. I’m currently using disposable blades, so I thought I would give one a try that claims to last longer. Continue on to read my review…

The first point of approval I have for this blade is the number of individual blades it has. This razor contains five single blades. Perfect! In order to prevent mean my getting razor burn, I need a minimum of 4 blades, so 5 is even better! It’s taken me a while to learn this, but it makes all the difference in razor bumps all over my legs.

MagnaBlade  Razor Blade
I like that the handle is a heavier weight that other disposable razors I’ve used. It feels more substantial than plastic. The head of the razor is fla and a size that I like. The magnetic teal base is suppose to be the part the help keeps the blade sharp. 

MagnaBlade Never a Dull Moment |
The third point of approval for this blade is the fact that is stays sharp! As the packaging suggests, this blade with its magnetic teal base helps keep the blade sharp. I can’t really vouch for how the base works, but it seems to be staying sharp.

MagnaBlade and Teal Dock Base |
Overall, I’m quite pleased with this razor. It seems to stay sharp and do the job! I also really like that hairs hardly get stuck in the back of the blade at all. I will continue to use this blade until it’s dull!


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