Quilted Biker Jacket from Boda Skins {Guest Post}

Boda Skins Kay Michaels Quilted Biker Jacket

Having never really ventured into the world of leather jackets before, I decided to take a tentative step into the world of luxury items and invest in a jacket that would last me a good while. Having spoken to some of my friends who are ‘in the know’ about this sort of thing, I went for Boda Skins who had been recommended to me by quite a few of them. Continue on to read the rest of this post, and see how it might be just the gift you need…

I sat on the decision for a while (as you tend to do with these things) and in the end I rang them up to speak to them about their jackets. They are based in Manchester and so were a little out of reach for me to go and visit them! Usually I would have gone on and tried one on but my friends assured me that it wasn’t necessary, I quite liked theirs so, after doing my research about the company, I took the dive and went for it.

Speaking on the phone with them was really easy, I gave my measurements and then waited for my jacket to arrive. It was a nervous couple of days for me as I’d never spent this amount of money on something that I hadn’t seen first and so I was slightly on edge about the purchase!

One of the main worries I have had about the jacket was the fit of the thing. For a guy, I’m quite skinny and I was concerned about the jacket not fitting me very well and drowning me to a certain extent! I went to the gym the day after ordering so I could be already working on filling out the jacket if it did indeed turn out to be too big!

The jacket itself (pictured) came pretty quickly after I ordered it. I was expecting it to take a while as things have that I have ordered online before, however, this was here within a couple of days. I came home and the package was sat on my kitchen table waiting for me (thanks mum!). When I put it on, my first thought was that it was really quite comfortable! The jacket fitted really nicely and I was pleasantly surprised about this! It’s very comfortable and, after promising myself that I would only be wearing it on special occasions and really cold days, I have now been wearing it most of the week.

Consider me a fan!

– – –

This blog post was written by Will McNicol for MaeGal’s readers.

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