Gardening Season 2013- Plant, Grow, Harvest {Wordless Wednesday}

2013 Gardening Seed Packets |
The seeds I planted for the 2013 season; romaine, snap peas, radishes, carrots, beets and snow peas.

I was going through my drafts for my blog to see if I had any pictures to publish as part of Wordless Wednesday. I found these pictures for my 2013 gardening season and thought I would share them with you, because I’m not ready to share my 2014 season pictures! So behind. This was the year a certain Mountain Beaver ate much of my garden, so the picture get a bit hard to know what’s going on. 2014 pictures will be better.

So without further explanation and some limited captions (because I can never be truly ‘wordless’), continue on to see my 2013 Garden from planting to growing to harvesting…

planting seeds  |
After the planting, the little rows within my mini garden (that was within the fence of my mothers larger garden).
growing vegetables  |
flowering rashish  |
Radish gone to seed (which you can apparently eat).
romaine head  |

bush peas |
Notice the sickly looking pea plant. Darn critters eating its roots.
snow peas | maegal.blogspot.compea flower  |

carrots |

sarah signature maegal


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