How to Layer with Tanks and Singlets {Guest Post}

I know I have plenty of readers who enjoy fashion, and a mens fashion post seems appropriate given this gift buying season we’re in right now. I hope you all enjoy this post. 
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layer with tank tops and singlets

What’s the one thing you notice about men in every magazine ad? No, not their perfect haircuts or groomed facial hair of the gods, though that’s pretty abundant as well.

All the male models are dressed the same way- in layers. Jackets over scarves over tees, flannel over tanks, sweaters over button-ups. They’re trying to tell you something, guys. It’s the key to dressing well and impressing all the ladies: layering.

But there’s a catch. You’ve got to do it right; otherwise, you’ll look like a well-dressed hobo.

How can you guarantee your layered style will be just as cool as it looks on TV and in magazines? Not to worry– it’s not difficult to layer properly as long as you keep these three tips in mind.

Singlets and tank tops are your friends.

Mens tank tops are the key to any good layered look, providing the simple foundation needed for the style. These are the easiest tops to wear when your intent is to pile other clothes on top. 

Ever get your sleeves all bunched up uncomfortably when you try to pull on a cardigan or a tight jacket over a long-sleeved tee or a flannel shirt? You can easily stop this frustrating spectacle by replacing those long-sleeved tops with singlets and tanks.

In order to rock this look, get creative. Find your favorite outerwear and match it to the cool designs of some casualwear tank tops.

Try paring a tank under some stylish fall sweaters or wear a flannel shirt unbuttoned over a singlet. You’ll look like you just walked out of the pages of a magazine.

Keep the excess to a minimum.

You know that watch you love to wear, the one you feel naked without? Keep it at home! Your clothes are going to be doing so much for you that anything else will take away from the look. 

That means shoes too! We know you love your stylish shoes and that you secretly have a wider collection than your girlfriend, but you’ve got to go with some simple kicks when you’re trying to get the layered look just right.

Pairing your layered clothes with nice shoes and a watch and a scarf- it all ends up being too much at once. The enthusiasm is great, but start with baby steps. Be careful of the weather.

Here’s a huge layering no-no: putting on too many layers of clothes in when it’s not weather appropriate. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock layers in the summer, it just means that you’re going to be sweating atrociously if you choose a thick jacket to be a part of your style at that time of the year.

Stick to lightweight layering in the warmer months, maybe just a simple tank under a light jacket or a singlet under a thin button-up shirt. Otherwise, you’ll be sweaty and uncomfortable no matter how cool you look.

To improve your layering efforts by buying singlets online, hop on over to Two Square Clothing.

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