Review: Splash Math App for Grades Pre-K, 1-5 on iTunes/ Google Play

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splash math itunes google play app grades pre to kindergarten
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Grades Pre-K: An Educational Treat

This would be a nice app for any parent of a child in this age range to have on their iPhone/ iPad. While I’m all for limited screen time for children (and no screen time for those under 3), sometimes you just need something to entertain them when boredom strikes and you’re away from home! At least with your child playing on this app, you know that they are learning and developing useful math skills while still having fun. It’s a great way to not feel guilty about handing your child your phone.

splash math itunes google play app grades 1 to 5

For Grades 1-5: A Great Alternative to Games

Although I don’t have kids of my own or much experience teaching this grade range, I enjoyed playing around with this app myself. It’s a fun way to increase a students math skills while still just having fun. This would be a fun app to download to a family iPad and used as an educational but enjoyable treat for your student, after homework is finished, of course.

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