Priority Chef Knife Sharpener {Review}

priority chef knife sharpener |
For review, I was sent a Priority Chef Knife Sharpener. Again as with many things, while I’m living at home this isn’t something I’ll really need, but I’m very exciting to have it for when I’m living in my own again. Always good to have the ability to make those knives sharp! Continue on the read my review…

priority chef knife sharpener fine and coarse |
I was in need of my own sharpener, as knives do have a tendency to go dull. My mom has an electric knife sharpener for our home already but, 1) one day I really will move out and need my own things, and 2) my mom’s electric one is not as sharp and good at sharpening as it once was.

I’ve reviewed Priority Chef’s Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler and Jumbo Citrus Squeezer in the past and enjoyed using both of those products, so I thought I would give this product a try.

priority chef knife sharpener instructions |
Click on image to enlarge and read the instructions.

This knife sharpener features two sharpening sections; one for coarse sharpening jobs on quite dull knives and one for fine sharpening for knifes that need a touch up. You can see in the image below the knife sharpener base and sharpener piece. The piece of the sharpener that features the two sharpening slots can be removed.

priority chef kinfe sharpener two piece |

Surprisingly, our knives are all pretty sharp right now. I was able to find one that needed some sharpening, which allowed my to give the “fine” side a try. I found this sharpener easy to hold with one hand on a surface while moving the knife with the other. It was pretty effortless and seemed to get the knife sharp. It’s certainly sharper than how it started. I was glad to find the instructions helpful.
I’m particularly looking forward to this knife sharpener when I move and bring out all my old knifes from my apartment. They all need a serious sharpening, and this is going to be the perfect thing for the job!

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