Overview & Giveaway: Skiva Tech Lightning Fire C-1 Car Charger | Ends 12/28

skiva tech lightning fire car charger | maegal.blogspot.com
For review, I was sent a Skiva Tech Lightning Fire Car Charger (for iPhone 5, iPad and newer iPods). Unfortunately, I’ve done it AGAIN and offered to review a product without realizing before hand that it isn’t compatible with my iPhone/ iPod. Fortunately for you, that means that I get to host another Instagram giveaway! Continue on to read my overview and enter to win…

As I will not be opening this package to review (don’t want to be playing around with someone’s prize), I’ll be giving an overview.
My overall initial impression of this product is good and I certainly wish I could use it myself! It’s a nice size, color and have appealing packaging.

skiva tech lightning car charger info | maegal.blogspot.com

The cost of this product is a bit more than I paid for my other car charger, but with that comes quality. I wanted to review this charger because my cheap one was just that, cheap! Even the quality of the Skiva Tech charger from looking at the packaging seems MUCH more superior.
Overall, I’ve been given a good impression of this charger. It had good reviews on Amazon, which I value. I’d really love to see someone who wins this charger get good use of it!
Enter via @theMaeGal on Instagram! Two easy steps.
Buy on Amazon* . . .
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