What are OPKs? – Pregnancy and Parenting

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Have you heard of ovulation predictor kits or OPKs? Do you know how to use them? This article will tell you more about it. 
If you’re looking to get pregnant or start a family in 2015, continue on to learn more about what OPKs are and how you can increase your chances of conception. Now I know I’m years away from children myself, but I know a lot of my readers are mothers or wish to be soon. So why not share an informative post with you all! Continue on to learn more about ovulation predictor kits (OPKs)…

Every woman has her own cycle and in every single cycle, there’s about 2-4 days wherein she’s fertile and ready to conceive. If you are trying to conceive, being able to know when that ovulation day is will surely increase your odds of conceiving according to the authors at www.pregnancytips.org. This is where the OPK comes in. An ovulation predictor test will check the surge of the LH or luteinizing hormone, the hormone responsible for stimulating ovulation. OPKs are available over the counter and you can choose from the small test strips or the midstream applicators. Both work the same: to detect your ovulation. What we are looking for is a 2 dark line or a second line darker that the first line, this is the positive OPK test result. When you get that, it means you are going to ovulate within 24 to 48 hrs and that is the best time for the sperm to catch the egg for more chances of conceiving. 
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