Review: #Cube: Digital Touchscreen Instagram Feed

For review, I was sent the #Cube. What is the Cube? It’s essentially a digital picture frame that showcases just your Instagram feed, account, liked photos and forth. It’s just perfect for the Instagram lover in your life. Continue on to read my review and see a video of the Cube in action…

#Cube Stream Your Instagram Feeds Information |
The Cube is a great way to showcase your Instagram feed, liked photos, a user of your choice or a hashtag of your choice. It features a touch screen and three easy-use-buttons. It’s a fun way to have your Instagram pictures automatically scroll away in the background.

#Cube Digital Touchscreen |

I currently have it set up in my office, but I plan to move it to my bedroom soon to have set up to automatically scroll as it pleases, like a TV screen of pictures.

#Cube Classic White Color |

Here is a video clip I took sharing with you all the Cube is action. I intended on doing a voiceover (so ignore the snoring dog sounds in the background and my occasional reflexion), but I want to have this review up before I leave town for a few days. So here is the rough copy for now!

Overall, I do really enjoy this Cube more than I thought I would. I don’t think it’s something I would ever purchase myself, but I think it would make a fun gift for someone you like a heck of a lot and who likes Instagram a heck of a lot. Next Christmas? A coming birthday? I’m bummed I didn’t let you all know about this before Christmas. A late gift, perhaps!

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