Review: Rif6 USB Wall and Car Charging Kit (2 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charger, 2 Data Cables)

Rif6 USB Wall and Car Charging Kit |
For review, I was sent this Rif6 USB Wall and Car Charging Kit. The kit contains: 1 car charger with three ports, 2 wall chargers with two ports each, and 2 USB to mini-USB data cables (one black, one white). The kit contains everything you need to charge a phone with a mini-USB port, and can easily be used with an iPhone with the additional of a USB charging cord. Continue on to read my review…

I was excited to review this charging kit for a couple of reason. 1) The cheap car charger I previously used broke, after just a couple uses. 2) I plan on getting an Android-based smartphone when my iPhone’s contract expires, so the whole kit with cords will be awesome to have. 3) You can never have too many wall chargers.
Rif6 Wall and Car Charger and USB Cord Kit Contents |
While I have only used these chargers once each (and haven’t been able to try out the cords), my overall impression is good initially. I used the car charger to have my phone charging while I drove the three hours to my boyfriends this weekend. It seemed to do a fine job of progressively charging my phone even while running applications. 

Below is a more detailed description of what the kit contains;

Rif6 Car and Wall Charger, USB 2.0 Data Cables |

I tried out the wall charger with my current iPhone cord and was please to see that, as expected, it works as it should. It’s nice to have a smaller wall charger so I can replace the large one that’s currently in my car. The other of the two wall chargers will be nice to have in another room of the house so I don’t have to always charge my phone far away in the bedroom.

Overall, I’m pleased with the chargers. The true test will be how they hold up over time. As I mentioned, my previous car charger only lasted a couple uses before dying. I’m feeling good about the longevity of this charger.

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