Review: Wave Three Coffee- Artisanal Smooth Dark Roast

Wave Three Artisanal Smooth Dark Roast Coffee |

For review, I was sent a bag of Wave Three Coffee. More specifically, the Artisanal Smooth Dark Roast Coffee. This coffee is certified USDA organic, fair trade and sustainably grown. Continue on to read my review….

I was excited for this review, as I always seem to be for everything, but really! I’m quite the fan of coffee, specifically dark roast. Lately I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and that just has me even more back into being a coffee person again.

Wave Three Coffee Organic Fair Trade Sustainable |

I have a big cup every morning at work in the office, but on the weekends I like to have coffee around the house. I love to brew a nice cup or two of coffee with my French Press (by far my most prefered method of making coffee). It’s my Mom’s fault I like strong coffee, French Press’s, and also grinding my own beans every day. I go whole beans to review so I could grind them myself.

Wave Three Dark Roast Coffee Beans |

As for Wave Three Coffee, I’m quite pleased with it! I think it makes for a delicious cup of coffee that suits my taste buds and my need for flavor in a coffee. I can’t really describe flavors of coffee in an sort of fancy terms, but it tastes great if you’re a dark roast fan.

Wave Three Organic Dark Roast Artisanal Whole Bean Coffee |

Overall, I quite like this coffee (as does my Mom, she tried a cup herself). I like that this coffee is organic and fair trade, makes me feel good while enjoying my cup of coffee. I would certainly recommend this coffee to any lover of the beverage.

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