Review: Syono Gel Insoles for Shoes

Syono Gel Insoles for Shoes Detail |

For review, I was went a pair of Syono Gel Insoles for Shoes. These insoles comes larger than needed so they can be cut down to size for any favorite shoes you may have. The shoes have a soft fabric over a nice, gel base that’s extra comfortable on the pressure points of your feet. Continue on to read my review…

Syono Gel Insoles for Shoes |

While most of my day is spent sitting at the desk at my office or my desk at home, I do have do some walking still. I thought about putting these insoles in a pair of heeled boots I have, but it seemed a bit too hard for me to get the insoles in place (given the long legs of the boots).

Instead, I decided to put the insoles in a pair of flats I’ve had for a while. They never had much of an insole to begin with, but over time they have become very thin. In fact, I once stepped on a sharp rock and it poked right through the sole of my flat and stabbed me! Hence, it must be time to have a thicker, more comfortable sole.
Syono Gel Insoles for Shoes Information |

Above is an image of the back of the insoles packaging, for your reading pleasure. These insoles, as you can read, are designed not only for the comfort of your fees, but also to help align your body for reduced stress in your knees and lower body. 

Overall, I’m pleased with this insoles. I don’t have much to compare them too as I’ve never used insoles, but I had a pleasant first experience with them. I was able to easily cut them down to size to place them in my flats. I’ve only worn those shoes once since adding the insoles (so many rainy, boot days!). However, my feet were comfortable and happy the day I did wear them.

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