Review: Breakfast Berry Blast with Boost Smoothie, featuring RaderFarms™ Fresh Start Fusion

Rader Farms Fresh Start Sunrise Fresh Fusion | maegal.comRader Farms Fresh Start Berries and Greens |
For review, I was sent a coupon to try out a bag of Rader Farms’ Fresh Start Breakfast Smoothie Mix. This product comes in three different flavor combinations, all containing a mixture of fruits, berries and leafy greens. This mixture is great for smoothies and more! Continue on to read my review and see my recipe for Breakfast Berry Black with Boost Smoothie…

I opted to review the Sunrise Refresh Fusion flavor mix, which includes blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kale and spinach. In addition to tasty fresh fruits and veggies, it’s a great source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C and fiber. And it’s a product from the Pacific Northwest! Which for me makes it a fabulous local product, too!
Rader Farms Fresh Start Blueberries Raspberries Strawberries Kale Spinach |
This was a fabulous thing to have on hand while I wasn’t feeling so well a week ago. I was having some anxiety issues and having quite some trouble eating. It was wonderful to be able to make this smoothie for myself with milk. I wasn’t able to eat much of anything, but it was good to know I was getting some fruits and veggies and good nutrients in my system.
Breakfast Berry Blast with Boost Smoothie – RecipeBreakfast Berry Blast with Boost Smoothie Recipe |
I was asked, as a tester of this product, to create a recipe using this mix. I decided to make a basic breakfast smoothie, per the instructions on the back of the package, but added a couple things for more of a boost to your morning if this is your breakfast.
1 cup of RaderFarms™ Fresh Start Breakfast Mix
1/4 cup ground flax seed
protein powder (add a serving, or much less if you’re like me)
1/4-1/2 cup Whole Organic Milk (add more to get appropriate consistency) – I’d also recommend yogurt
Breakfast Berry Blast with Boost Smoothie Blender |
Easy, Peasy Directions: 
Add to blender, blend until fully blended!
Breakfast Berry Blast with Boost Smoothie Blended|
Overall, I quite like this mix! It’s delicious. I have to say, I’ve had more flavorful strawberries, but I quite like the overall contents of the mixture, the freshness and local aspect, and the ease of making a smoothie with just this one mix and a liquid. I would like to try it with some kind of fruit juice next. I think that would be a nice taste.
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