Review: Ayl Silicone BBQ Gloves

Photo Jan 25, 8 24 39 AM

For review, I was sent a pair of Ayl Silicone Grill Gloves. They’re perfect for BBQing, grilling, and other cooking. They’re made with silicone so they can withstand a fair about of heat. They come in both red and black, but I opted for the bright red to go with plenty of my other red kitchen goodies.

Photo Jan 25, 8 25 54 AM

I first gave these gloves a try in a spur-of-a-moment panic to try and save a danish that had escaped it’s sheet. I was baking the first ever batch of cheese danishes (yum!) when one of them slipped off the baking sheet and fell on the ovens rack. It was far too hot to pick up using my bare hands, and using an oven mitt would have been near impossible. With the danish slowly slipping through the rack’s grated lines, I ran into my office to grab one of these gloves. And I saved the danish! Sadly not before some of the cheese filling dropped to the oven floor. But these gloves were just what I needed!

I will continue to have these gloves hanging out in the kitchen for situations like that in the future. I’m looking forward to using them this summer with our BBQ. I’m very much a hands on person, so I’ll likely use these to man-handle the food on the grill. You could also successfully use these gloves as oven mitts with handy fingers and texture for better gripping.

Photo Jan 25, 8 22 41 AM

Overall, I really like these gloves and will continue to use them for grilling, in the kitchen and those random danish mishaps. I like the little heart shapes to the gipping texture and red color, too. These would make a lovely gift for the cook/ griller in your life.




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