Review: Majestic Pure™ Lemon Essential Oil


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For review, I was sent a bottle of Majestic Pure Lemon Oil. I haven’t used lemon oil before, so I was excited to review it as well as to read up on the various health and other uses for it. I’m enjoying getting more into the essential oil world. Continue on to read my review and learn some common uses for lemon oil.


5 Common Uses for Lemon Oil

1. General Cleanser

2. Bug Repellant

3. Furniture Polish

4. Deodorizer

5. Afternoon Pick-Me-Up


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I’ve been loving my newest book collection addition! Here’s what the book The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy* book has to say about lemon essential oil:

“When are adventurous seafaring ancestors sailed the high seas, fresh lemons saved them from getting scurvy. For modern stay at homes, the essential oil of lemon is just as useful as a water purifier. This antiseptic and antibacterial oil will perform any tasks when used in glens, including treating verrucas, insect bites, and tension headaches. It has a tonic action on the lymphatic system and a stimulating action on the digestive system. It will assist you to slim, help disperse cellulite, and keep wrinkles at bay. It’s contribution to synergy makes it particularly useful in blends, while it is indispensable as a fragrancing and flavoring agent.”


What Have I Used It For?

I haven’t used this oil for much yet, but I have used it in my essential oil diffuser along with my lavender. I enjoy the scent combination of lemon and lavender. Additionally, I used a couple drops in the toilet last time I gave it a little scrub, and the scent is certainly more pleasant than generic toilet smell.


Overall, I’m pleased with the lemon oil. I don’t particularly have anything to base this opinion on, as I haven’t tried other brands on lemon oil, but I have no complaints! I’ve been pleased with both this oil and the Majestic Pure company.


I additionally review Majestic Pure’s Peppermint Oil, but that post is currently stuck in limbo! Through my transition from my old host to my new host for this here website, that one post was published after I moved my posts but before I was publishing on this new URL, so it’s lost somewhere in limbo. Once I sort out a couple behind-the-scenes problems, I’ll link to that post here. …anyone with experience in WordPress to Blogger migration and HostGator care to lend a hand? 🙂




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