#Review: Red Brick Candle Loft No. 1


red brick candle kit | maegal.com

For review, I was sent a Red Brick Candle in the scent Loft No. 1, more specifically “a deep blend of warm maple and rich vanilla”. I’ve always been a candle fiend, so I was quite excited to receive this candle. And it was even better than expected! It would make the ideal gift for any candle lover.

red brick candle burning | maegal.com

red brick candle charity | maegal.com

While not every candle makes for a nice gift, this one certainly does! It’s what I would consider to be a “luxury candle”. It comes, as pictured, in a fancy box as well as a little box of matches for immediate use. Makes a lovely gift when you just want to buy a singular, thoughtful, nice gift.

red brick candle loft no 1 | maegal.com   red brick candle boxes | maegal.com

The scent of the candle is perfect for me. I like more vanilla-y, warm, cozy scents. and this candle is just that. The scent is very much as the name suggests, warm maple and rich vanilla. Though I use any scent of candles in any season, this scent seems more fall/winter. This candle also smells similar to a pancake/waffle one I have in my collection.

red brick candle matches | maegal.com

Overall, I really like this candle. It is currently my favorite candle in my 10+ collection of usable ones. I like to have candles burning while I blog, and this scent is the perfect relaxing scent. I just may buy one of these for each of my co-works for a gift next holiday.

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