#Review: Stewart Pet Dental Treats for Dogs


stewart pet dental treats | maegal.com

For review, I was sent a tub of Stewart Pet Dental Treats for dogs. I was excited to give these treats a try with my dog. He could use some dental care, and these treats help to “control plaque buildup, stimulate gums and freshen breath“. These treats are low fat, gluten free, made with real cheese, and contain a reasonable amount of ingredients.

About a year ago, my dog Rocky had some dental work done that cost my Mom a pretty penny. He had to get several teeth pulled do to rotting caused by an underbite. We want to keep his teeth in good shape for the rest of his life, so I’m excited to have received these treats.  I would like to never have to deal with the poor boy having to get knocked out and having teeth pulled considering he’s 10.

stewart pet dental treats info | maegal.com

And how does Rocky like these treats? He loves them! He’s not the pickiest of eaters, but he seems pretty excited about these treats. I’ll have to upload a video to Instagram (@theMaeGal) of him eating them. It’s rather adorable to see a big dog eating a tiny bone.

stewart pet dog dental treat bones | maegal.com

Overall, I quite like these treats. Well, rather my dog does. The container reminds you that these treats are not for human consumption, just incase you get any ideas! Rocky gives these treats all the barks of approval and is continuing to enjoy them as daily treats.

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