#Review: AloeCure® Pure Aloe Extact


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For review, I was sent a box of AloeCure® Pure Aloe Extract. I’ve been hearing more and more about drinking aloe lately for help neutralizing the acid in one’s stomach, so I thought I would give this product a try. I have previously tried other brands and wanted to see how this one might compare. As the bottle states, it serves as an acid buffer to balance your stomach’s acidity levels. AloeCure® is certified organic by ECOCERT.

I first tried another brand of aloe juice when I my Mom was experiencing stomach pain and upset that, at the time, she believed as due to acid reflux. We have since learned that she has gallbladder stones and will have to have surgery to remove her gallbladder here in another month. But until that was figured out, she and I both were quite happy to discover aloe juice.

aloe cure box | maegal.com

I decided to give the aloe juice a try when I was experiencing stomach pain, as well. Lately my anxiety issues have gotten to be a bit more than I’m typically prepared for. Anxiety for me often comes with physical symptoms, the most common being nausea. This is usually caused, at least so far as I can tell, but not being able to eat and getting too much acid built up in my stomach, which in turn makes me nauseous. I found that AloeCure® helps when this happens by almost instantly relieving the burning sensation.

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Overall, I’m pleased with this particular aloe juice from AloeCure®. I like that it has helped me and my Mom with different problems that had the same symptom. I like that this product is certified organic and contains 99.7% aloe extract, so you aren’t paying for water. I like the natural flavor of this particular bottle, but if you aren’t a fan, AloeCure® does offer a grape flavor. Additionally, it has a pretty long shelf life, so I plan on getting these guys around for days when a little acid buffer would be useful. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing upset from too much acid in their stomach’s.


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