#Giveaway Event: UpWeeGo Highchair & Amazon Giftcards | Ends 4/28



Welcome, MaeGal Readers, to the UpWeeGo Giveaway Event! I’m excited to share with you all this awesome Kickstarter program for the highchair you see above, a highchair that is more than just a highchair! I know a lot of my readers are parents who might be interested. I know I would be! Plus, ALL of my readers can benefit from a chance at winning Amazon Giftcards! And if you don’t have kids and do with the highchair prize? How great of a gift would this be to a friend with babes?!

UpWeeGo is kicking off their Kickstarter April 28th! So be sure to follow along and join in. There high chair is simply amazing. No more worries about being able to clean ever spot. This one will wipe down easy peasy. IT also has some incredible steps and slide attachments. So when you child is older. They can climb up in it themselves and sit down with the family.

Highchair Inventor Dad says Step on UP!

Heading to the dinner table for most toddlers and young kids usually involves a boost or climb to get seated. Raphael, a father of three decided it was time to change this.

A simple kitchen stool helped Raphael form an idea that obtained a US patent. Most booster seats and highchairs create a challenge for kids attempting to seat themselves. The Step Up chair fixes this by allowing kids to easily seat themselves. Its sturdy construction and modular shape with no parts to assemble make it a welcomed addition to the highchair world.”

Be the first to know about the KickStarter KICK STARTER LAUNCH

I mean check out all these color options?


A high chair that will grow with your child and last! Meal time to play time!

Check our the 360 degree pictures and everything it offers. HERE They also have a really great recycling program so check them out.


Yes UpWeeGo is hosting a giveaway for an amazing product. You can enter the giveaway on their website. Or use the rafflecopter below to enter. They have some really big amazing prizes. KICK starter sign up HERE

Grand Prize Winner Gets….

Step Up Chair With ALL attachments, $200 Amazon Gift Card, T-Shirts, and Poster

If you win or not! IF you want one. Get ready for the kickstarter because it’s coming and after it you won’t find a better deal!

Open to Continental US. 18 years or older. The company will be choosing the giveaway winners with the form and you will be contacted by them if you do win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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One thought on “#Giveaway Event: UpWeeGo Highchair & Amazon Giftcards | Ends 4/28

  1. What an awesome versitale high chair. I love the steps and slide that will grow with your child. I have a high chair but the cloth cover can’t be removed without taking the thing apart. This would be so much easier. Outdoors it could be wash down with the water hose. Thanks for the great review and giveaway.

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