#Review: Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy & Treats

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For review, I was sent the new Snacky Mouse toy from Temptations, as well as a pouch of Temptations Chicken treats. I was excited to give this toy a try, because I have a house with three playful kitties. They each have their own treat and toy preferences and personalities, so I figured they would be lovely test subjects. I thought I would also take the time to make a more formal introduction for my cats.

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How did each of my three cats like this toy and these treats?

temptations snacky mouse toy | maegal.com

Cowgirl: 13 years old – white with black splotches

Cowgirl is “my” cat, while the others were once technically my sisters cats but have become the households cats when she moved out. I’ll very likely be taking Cowgirl with me when I move.

I thought that Cowgirl would be one of the most interested in the toy because she is probably the most playful still. However, she did not seem very interested in this toy. She was more interested when I used her favorite treats (and old kitten food I review), but she didn’t much care for the Temptations treats nor the toy. I’d like to try it with some catnip inside, as she will do just about anything for her -nip.

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(Roxane is the only one that would stay still long enough to pose for a picture with the Snacky Mouse.)

Roxanne: 11 years old – tortoise shell (mutli-color)

Roxanne is our wise girl. She was a rescue kitty from a no-kill shelter, and a bribe for my sister to learn her math facts years ago. Roxanne is a smart kitty, and I knew if anyone would figure out the toy, it would be her.

She was certainly interested in the toy, though I switched in alternative treats for her in the video. She has a sensitive stomach and the Temptations treats made her throw up. She loved them, but they didn’t love her. She can’t each much of anything out of her normal diet.


Sequana: 10 years old – black with white markings

Sequana (a name we took from a book of Goddesses) is our less-prefered cat. She’s a trouble-maker as far as peeing in the house goes. She also (as much as it’s wrong to blame the victim) plays the victim very well in any cat fights, which has lessened now that she gets to be the only outdoor cat.

She was interested in the toy because of her motivation to do anything involving food, but she couldn’t quite figure it out. She did love the Temptations treats that most out of all the cats. (My Nana’s cat, Tiger, is also a big fan of these treats. My Nana has been buying him Temptations for years.)

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Overall, I like this Snacky Mouse toy, perhaps a bit more than any of my cats did. I think this toy would work fine and dandy with a young, playful cat or a cat who is very motivated by food. I plan to keep this toy around and try out different treats and such to see what interests the ladies. Regardless, isn’t the Snacky Mouse just the cutest little fellow? 

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4 thoughts on “#Review: Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy & Treats

  1. You’re so right! Snacky Mouse is just the cutest little fellow. I wonder if my dog would love this (He’s small so it might be okay. lol). I will surely check it out. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Camille:
      My dog certainly wanted to play with it! Only, he’s a big boy and would just eat the whole thing in one gulp. Haha.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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