#Review & #Giveaway: Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash, Dial Baby Hair + Body Wash | Ends 5/13

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For review, I was sent a bottles of the new Dial® Kids Foaming Hand Wash and Baby Hair + Body Wash. While I do not have children to try out these products, I wanted to review them for my own purposes. Baby shampoo is great for washing makeup brushes, and who doesn’t love a fun, foaming hand wash?! And be sure to enter to win one of these two products for yourself!

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As I mentioned above, I was excited to try out the Dial Baby Hair + Body Wash, as baby shampoo is perfect for cleaning makeup brushes. As baby shampoo is designed to be gentle on babies, it is also a preferable cleaning medium for delicate makeup brushes. While all my makeup brushes are cheap enough to not be terribly concerned, I would like to care for them as best I can to prolong their lives. And as it had been quite some time since I cleaned my brushes, boy were they dirty and in need of it! I would have taken some before and after pictures had I know. I’m also a fan of the ‘unscented’ aspect.

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The Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash is as fun expected. I’ve always liked foaming hand soaps, as they’re rather entertaining. And for someone who isn’t the best at hand washing (I’m pointing to myself), foaming hand washes are a great way to encourage use. Have a child that hates hand washing? I assure you a foaming hand soap will at the very least improve things. The first thing I noticed about this soap is it’s scent, ‘Watery Melon’. It’s a fun, kid-enjoyable scent, but it’s a bit on the overpowering side for my nose! I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit less strong.

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Overall, I like both the hand wash and body + hair wash from Dial. I will consider this Dial baby shampoo when I run out and need more makeup brush cleaning product, or a long way in the future when I have a baby who need a bath. I plan to use up the rest of the Dial hand wash and then refill it with more soap so I can have the foaming effect, without the super powerful scent.


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12 thoughts on “#Review & #Giveaway: Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash, Dial Baby Hair + Body Wash | Ends 5/13

  1. I would love to use these. They sure do look perfect!
    I enjoy a clean feel Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash and Dial Baby Hair + Body Wash looks awesome.
    I would put the foam hand wash in my purse so I could use it everywhere I go.

    1. Cheryl: thank you for commenting!

      Me, too! I have tried that one. I generally find coconut and verbena scents to be relaxing.

    1. Lauren: thanks for your comment!

      It’s a pretty great soap! I’ve been enjoying using mine after working in the garden and having dirt-covered hands. (You can view it and my other Dial reviews at maegal.com/tags/dial).

    1. Sarah: thank you for your comment!

      I just recently learned that myself! I’m going to have to check them out and see what I find.

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