#Review: Randoms Endless Gummy Candy from Willy Wonka

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This post is more an overview than a review, as a review was not required as part of my participation in reviewing this product. I figured you all have seen enough of this candy on my various social media platforms. So I thought I would just post here to my blog and share the pictures I took.

If you like gummy candy, I suggest checking Randoms out! They’re super tasty and really do have fun shapes and good flavors. I’m particularly a fan of the gummies that have a jelly filling. My Mom and I certainly enjoyed them. We ate them all in one or two days! Oops!

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Filled Gummy Candy | MaeGal.com





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14 thoughts on “#Review: Randoms Endless Gummy Candy from Willy Wonka

    1. Lisa: thanks for commenting!

      They are, too good! I don’t think I’ll be able to buy them. I’ll just eat them all immediately! Ha.

  1. My husband would love these, his favorite snack! Every Easter he gets a bag in his good bag I make!

  2. I’ve never tried gummies with jelly filling – I’ve never seen nor heard of these either. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! Thanks!

  3. I love gummy bears. I usually purchase Haribou sp? when I can find them because they have the softest ones. Sometimes I will get some Life Saver gummies, but I find them a little pricey. I haven’t tried these yet, but when I seem them you just know I will. After all, they’re at least fat free so just a little less guilt involved.

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