#Review & #Giveaway: Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer

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Digital Food Thermometer | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the Instant Read Digital Thermometer* in blue. I’ve never owned a digital food thermometer, nor a non-digital one (I use my Moms). I was excited to give this one a try and add it to my collection of useful kitchen gadgets. Be sure to check out my giveaway and enter to win your own thermometer!

Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer | maegal.com  Food Thermometer Information | maegal.com

This thermometer is great for a number of kitchen temperature tasks. It features a digital display screen that can show the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The thermometer features an on/off button, a hold button, and a F/C toggle button. The metal portion that actually goes into what they’re taking the temperature of can move in different angles for ease of use.

Below is a picture of the thermometer in action, taking the temperature of some sausages I cooked the other night. Yum! It’s always nice to know your food is heated enough to not make you sick.

Digital Meat Thermometer | maegal.com


Overall, I like this thermometer and have been enjoying using it. It’s nice to know the temperature of my food for once. While I generally can tell when food is done based on looks alone, it’s always nice to have the confirmation from a thermometer. I had food poisoning really badly a few years ago and it’s made me paranoid about food born bacteria.


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