#Review: 4-Piece Unframed 8×10 Ink Print Art Set

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For review, I was sent this 4-piece unframed wall ink print art*. I was excited to review this set of prints, has I already have a plan for them. The prints are 8×11 and come unframed, which leaves room for creative display options. The set features two striped prints with floral accents, and two white background prints with different quotes.

Ink Print Art Good Vibes Only You Got This | maegal.com

My plan for this here ink print art set is to find the perfect frame and give it to my sister for her upcoming July birthday. They quotes are much more ‘her’ than they are me, so I think she’ll really enjoy them. (Kelsey- on the off chance you’re reading this blog post, look away! Don’t spoil your gift!)

I’ve thought of a couple different options for framing these prints. The first would be to buy individual frames for each of these four prints to be hung in any arrangement you so choose. The second would be to buy a frame that features four separate sections. Luckily, the 8×11 size is common and I found several options for both on Amazon and in stores.

Overall, I like this ink print art set. I think it’s fun that they come unframed so that you can pick the frame that suits you and your style. My one complaint is that the edges aren’t very straight at all, so you certainly have to frame them if you want them to be squared with one another. I’m excited to find the perfect frame and gift these to my sister.

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2 thoughts on “#Review: 4-Piece Unframed 8×10 Ink Print Art Set

  1. i would love these.. i would tell the company about the edges and it would help them out.. i would love to have them and would put together with some kind of ribbon maybe between them..

  2. Thank you very much for the review! We will be making improvements regarding the edges and are so glad to learn about this flaw.

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