Updates, and #Coupon for a FREE Pair of Darcus Tori Earrings

Good morning, Readers! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was pretty sunny here this weekend, so we were able to get a lot of things done around the house/ yard. Put up our gardens fence (so the pesky deer don’t eat our vegetables), mowed the law, cleaned out our cats outdoor enclosure, cleaned the house, and so forth!

I know I haven’t been particularly active in the past few weeks. One of these days I’ll make a blog post explaining a bit more about how my brain works, etc. and why there are often weeks when nothing gets posted. Unfortunately, that does mean that my blog takes a hit and you all don’t get to read as many posts. Keep posted for two dog-related product reviews being published later this evening.

But I’m back for now! And while I don’t have the energy to post all the coupons and sales for today, I did want to share with you all this one- because I’ve purchased earrings from them before, too!


FREE Round Lavender Earrings in Sterling Silver, just pay shipping

Limit 3 per order.
Use Code: 0704
Expires: 5/23/2015 (Saturday)

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