#Review: FurBuddy™ Pet Grooming Brush Kit (3-in-1)

RA_reviewaffiliateFurBuddy Grooming Brush | maegal.com
For review, I was sent the FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit*, a three-in-one pet grooming brush. This brush features one handle with three interchangeable brush heads. One is a dual-sided traditional brush, one is a fine toothed bristle brush, and the last is some sort of claw brush I’d never seen before.

FurBuddy Pet Brush Information | maegal.com

I wanted to review this brush because our dog Rocky is a hairy, hairy beast. We currently use a curry comb of sorts, and it works pretty well for deshedding him, but it isn’t able to get deep into his undercoat. I was excited to try out this brush set for that reason. The brushes that come with this set are ideal for getting all the layers of his coat.

I wasn’t able to get any before an after pictures, but here is an awkward video clip of me trying out the various brushes on Rocky. He loves to be brushed, but he wasn’t a fan of not being able to lean on me while being brushed, he kept moving around!

I did have one issue with the brush, I’ll see if I can successfully describe it. The yellow button on the handle connects to a pin that goes from the outside of the brush through the hallow handle. The interchangeable brush heads snap into the pin with a u-shaped piece on their bases. This yellow pin broke of completely on my brush. While I was originally upset, I actually prefer the brush broken like this! It makes it easier to replace the brush heads. If I run into a bit knot in Rocky’s fur, it’ll take of the brush head, but otherwise I’m actually glad it broke. Go figure.

FurBuddy Brush Heads | maegal.com

Overall, I quite like this brush and would recommend it. It’s possible your brush’s yellow pin with break, but it turns out it’s fine if it does! I’m looking forward to continuing to groom Rocky with this brush set. I still like the curry comb, but these are perfect for getting the deep furs the curry comb cannot reach.

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