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Grilling | maegal.com

For review, I was sent Yumm’s Burger Press, Grill Mat and Grill Light. I was excited to do this review because summer is upon us, and grill season has begun! I’ve never owner or used a burger press and was excited to make constantly shaped patties. I was also looking forward to using the grill light and grill mat set for the same reasons.

Housekeeping Note: Grr! I failed to place my watermark/ URL on these images. So don’t just take them for your own, mmh kay? I don’t want to go back and change it all. Like image thieves would read this…


Yumms Burger Press*

Yumms Burger Press | maegal.com

The burger press was probably my favorite of these three items. In order to give it a try, I had what is mostly likely my first ever Memorial Day Barbecue. I made delicious onion burgers and some grilled vegetables dipped in balsamic vinegar. Yum!

The Yumms Burger Press is BPA free, dishwasher safe and works to make 1/4″ to 5/8″ patties. (I used 1/3 lb per patty, about 1/2″ thick). Yumms allows you to touch your burger meat just one to place it in the press, and then never again!

Yumms Burger Pressed Patty | maegal.com

Overall, I’m pleased with this burger press and will continue to use it (when I make burgers a couple times a year, I’m not a bit meat-eater, it’s expensive!). Be sure to check out all my pictures about this post to see the press in various stages of use.

Pressed Burger Patties | maegal.com


Yumms LED Grill Light*

Yumms Grill LED Lights | maegal.com

I was curious about the Grill Light, but knew that it would turn into more of a handy outdoor light with an attachment piece. Where I live, if it’s dark enough to need a light while grilling, it’s too cold to be outside anymore- even in the middle of summer. I do plan to use this light for other purposes.

This light is bright! If you’re using it as a late night grill accessory, it will certainly do the trick. This light features two very bright blue/white LED lights. I’m particularly amused with the soft touch power button on the light. Though it was a bit shocking when it came on while I was putting the batteries in, too bright for surprises!

Yumms Grill Light | maegal.com

Overall, I like this light and while I will not be using it directly as a grill light, I will be using it this summer. The adjustable clasp making it pretty easy to attach the light to almost anywhere I could use it. I’m hoping we will get a couple warmer evenings this year and I’ll get to use the light seriously!


Yumms Grill Mat Set of 2*

Yumms Grill Mat | maegal.com

I was excited to review these grill mats, are they seems to be quite different from the silicone mats I’ve previously tried out. These grill mats are different in the way that they can be placed directly on the grill slats, or used in the over directly on the over rack.

I was hoping to give these mats a try while I was using the burger press, but I read something on the back of the packaging that changed that plan. Apparently you’re suppose to make sure there are 7 inches between the mat and direct flame. I’m not sure I’ve EVER owned a grill that have that much space. As such, I decided to pass. I’d really hate to ruin the burgers!

Yumms Grill Mat Info | maegal.com

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this grill mat. As I am unable to use it on my barbecue, I didn’t have a chance to fully review it yet. And I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t notice the 7 inch clearance guideline before. I think I’ll stick with using these mats in the oven. I can think of a couple ways they would be helpful there (for instance, under a pizza so it doesn’t have to go directly on the dirty oven rack and drip down cheese on the elements below).

BBQ Burger & Veggies | maegal.com
The Finished Product: (left, top) Burger topped with cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato. Grilled vegetables (right, bottom): red peppers, onion, eggplant dipped in balsamic vinegar.


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9 thoughts on “#Review & #Giveaway: Yumms Burger Press, Grill Mat & Grill Light | Ends 6/11

  1. I really want the burger press! I have a VERY old Tupperware press and it’s so old it keeps breaking so I’m down to 2 containers. LOL. I don’t really like it either. I love the look of the YUMMS! burger press! I miss fresh burgers!

  2. I’d want the burger press. I have always wanted one. It’s be fun to try to “stuff” them.

  3. I love to host barbecues, it’s a great way to hang out with family and friends. The burger press sounds great. It would definitely be helpful in creating those burgers. The grill light looks useful too. Will check this out. Thanks!

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