#Giveaway Event: Clean Summer Breeze – Air Purifier | Ends 6/23

Hello, MaeGal Readers! Welcome to the Clean Summer Breeze Giveaway Event! Enter for the chance to win a Vena Airwasher – Small Room Air Purifier. I know summer (and spring) are the times of year that I am most susceptible to allergens in the air. I would love to have this air purifier in my bedroom! I wake up all stuffy and it’d be nice to have clean air to breathe when I sleep. Good luck!
Venta Airwasher – LW 15
ARV $220
Hosted by: Java John Z’s and 

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The most compact, small humidifier and best room air purifier on the market, the LW15 Airwasher contains our most advanced technology to remove dust, particles and allergens from the air you breathe. This filter less humidifier and dual-function device cleans indoor air making it the best humidifier for baby rooms, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Our filter less technology reduces mold and waste, along with other additional life changing air purifier benefits. The Venta Airwasher brings new meaning to, and appreciation for, personal space. Our Airwashers were designed with advanced technology and German engineering, making them the best room humidifiers and purifiers on the market.

This giveaway is open to the Continental US only (because of shipping costs) and will end on June 23rd, 2015.  Good Luck!!

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5 thoughts on “#Giveaway Event: Clean Summer Breeze – Air Purifier | Ends 6/23

  1. I would like to get the Airwasher LW15 because my son and I both have allergies and my house is also so dusty.

  2. The air washer LW25. I tend to go towards the more expensive ones but hey! That is what I’m known for !

  3. The Airwasher LW45 would work best because I like that it adds humidity to rooms up to 800 feet and it is efficient.

  4. The Airwasher LW25 would work best for our family room because of the square footage that it covers! This would hopefully help with my daughter’s asthma!

  5. We have a large open kitchen/dining room/family room area. Because it’s so large, I think the Airwasher LW45 would be best for me. I like the color anthracite / metallic.

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