#Review: Zitriom Salad To Go Containers

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if you choose to make a purchase.


For review, I was sent this set of Zitriom Salad to Go* containers. These containers each come with a smaller container for dressing that sit inside the lid, as well as a plastic fork that clips onto the outside of the container. These salad cups are great for vegetable and fruit salads alike. Made from BPA-free plastic, these containers are prefect for lunches, picnics, snacks and more.

I wanted to review these salad containers because both my Mom and I eat a fair amount of fruit and/or vegetables salads. Both of us pack a lunch for our respective jobs, so it’s nice to have a containers that has all the pieces you’ll need all attached together. Particularly, it’s nice to be able to keep the dressing separate from the salad until you’re ready to eat it. I’ve been eating a lot of salads with balsamic vinegar and grapeseed oil lately, and it’s certainly tastier when the salad hasn’t been soaking for a couple hours in its dressing. I’ve also used this with fruit salad, housing some yogurt in the top container.

My Current Favorite Salad ‘Recipe’: Lettuce/ Romaine + Feta Cheese Crumbles +Dried Cranberries + Crushed Walnuts + Balsamic Vinegar & Grapeseed or Olive Oil


While I like these containers a lot for their convenience and ease of use, I do have a couple things that I would have preferred to do without. 1) These containers are not dishwasher safe. I generally find washing things like this in the dishwasher to be annoying, but it’s sometimes nice to have one less hand-wash dish to do. 2) Because of the upright position of these containers, they aren’t the most practical for many lunch boxes (like mine) that only have the space for this container to lay on its side.

Overall, I like these salad containers and will continue to use them. While I do have a couple points of contention, it’s nothing that would prevent me from continuing to use them. I also think they’ll be just perfect for trips to the lake this summer when I’ll want to bring a snack along, but not much else. It’s nice to grab just one container and run out the door.


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One thought on “#Review: Zitriom Salad To Go Containers

  1. My sister would loove this. She’s a huge salad freak, and she always takes her salad to go. I would sure buy this for her on her birthday! Thank you for sharing.

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