#Review: Petunia Skincare- Eyebrow Scissors, Black Head Set, Detangling Brush, Makeup Sponge, Eyelash Curler

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if purchases are made.

I was recently sent five different beauty related products from Petunia Skincare. I reviewed them on Amazon, as well, and rather than posting two reviews like I usually do, I’ve just copied my Amazon reviews below. I hope you’ll all find these interesting. And perhaps you’ll even find a new beauty product for yourself, a friend or someone else!


Eyebrow Scissors | maegal.comStainless Steel Curved Eyebrow Scissors*

I’ve been meaning to replaced the cuticle scissors I’ve been using on my eyebrows with real eyebrow scissors. I’m so pleased there are the ones I get to use now! I’ve really like using them. The curve on the blades in just enough, but not too much. I like that they’re stainless steel, considering they’ll be living in the moisture of the bathroom. The size and shape of these scissors works perfectly for me.

Pros: As mentioned above, made of stainless steel, curved scissor blade, small but not too small.

Cons? I can’t think of any/ haven’t had any issues.


Makeup Sponges  | maegal.comMakeup Beauty Dupe Sponge Blender*

I was interested in trying out these sponges because I’ve been looking for an inexpensive dupe for the well-know Beauty Blender Sponge. I had previously purchased another set of sponges claiming to be dupes, and while they were useful, they didn’t offer the same results as the Beauty Blender Sponge. I’m pleased to report that these sponges seems to be a good dupe from what I know!

Pros: These sponges expand when dampened (like the Beauty Blends, but not like the one I first bought!), which is great for application. These sponges are soft, absorbent and work as I expected. I tried them with liquid foundation and a liquid blush I have, both works wonderfully.

Cons: I’m not sure if I just bought my package before the company made some changes or what, but the package I received has three pink and one orange colored sponge in the flat top style (versus the picture here and in everyone else’s review that seem to show a package with four different style sponges.)


Detangling Hair Brush  | maegal.comDetangling Hair Brush*

I’ve had the same brush forever and thought that it couldn’t possibly be replaced. While I will continue to use that brush while my hair is wet, this detangling brush is the one I’ll now be using when my hair is dry! My hair does get a bit tangled, but more than that it’s thick. This brush seems to nicely brush my hair without pulling at is, causing flyaways. I really like this brush for before showing, when I like to brush my hair (as brushing it when it’s dry makes my hair really poofy).

Pros: I like the shape of the brush and its handle. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. I like that the bristles of the brush don’t cause my hair to get snagged. I love that this brush is offered it many colors! I like my black brush, but the colors are fun, too.

Cons: Being made of all plastic, it isn’t the highest quality visually. But I still like it!


Black Head Removal Tools | maegal.comBlackhead & Acne Remover Kit*

I’ve been curious about black head, acne and blemish removal tools for some time now. While I don’t have particularly noticeable blackheads, I thought it would be nice to try and clean out some of my pores. One of these tools I’ve already used to pop and then extract a whitehead, it worked pretty effectively (and I’d rather use this than a needle, like I have done in the past). I’ll need to learn a bit more about how exactly to use these tools to remove blackheads, at lot of the tools seems about the same to me.

Pros: I like that these tools are metal and seem to be made of good quality. They are easy to use and have nice grips on the handles preventing them from slipping away from you. The fine point needle tip is super sharp and great for getting things out.

Cons: None that I can think of / have come across.


Eyelash Curler | maegal.comProfessional Eyelash Curler*

I’ve tried quite a few different curlers in year past, and as of trying this one, I now have a new favorite eyelash curler. I find this eyelash curler to be easy and comfortable to use. The handles are flat and made from a soft rubber/silicone that makes them more comfortable than eyelash curlers that require you to place your fingers through a loop of plastic. The strip that goes against your eyelashes to curl them is made of similar material that is also comfortable for your lashes.

Pros: I like how nicely this seems to curl my lashes. The curl holds about as long as any other curler I’ve ever used. The handles make me prefer this curler over others I’ve used. I like it overall.

Cons: I wish it were offered in another color, I’m not the biggest fan on pink. But I’ll survive!


Interested in anything I’ve talked about?
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