Swimwear at Bonobos – Board Shorts for All!

This is a Sponsored Post brought to you in partnership with Bonobos.com. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked/ purchases made.


Summer is officially here this weekend, celebrate with Swimwear at Bonobos*! I know that means time to start spending some weekends out at the lake swimming away! Well, splashing around. My local lakes doesn’t usually get that hot. But they might this summer! Last year we had a couple good days of warm weather and water.


Get ready for summer swimming! Bonobos has a great selection of 5″ shorts*, 9″ board shorts*, and 7″ board shorts and trunks*, perfect for whatever style you prefer. Need a gift for Father’s Day still? Hurry and you can still get Dad/ whomever a pair of board shorts! Plus, you’ll get free shipping and free returns when you buy any of Bonobos’ summer styles!


sarah signatureThis is a Sponsored Post. MaeGal received monetary compensation, all opinions are my own. | maegal.com



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