#Review: Vanilla Bean Powder from Sunny Day Organics

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

Vanilla Bean Powder Sunny Day Organics | maegal.com

For review, I was sent Vanilla Bean Powder from Sunny Day Organics*. This Vanilla Bean Powder is made from sun-dried, ground vanilla beans with the vanilla extract rich insides still intact. Vanilla bean powder is used for baking, DIY products, as a substitute for vanilla, and more.

Until this review, I hadn’t heard of Vanilla Bean Powder. As a fan of vanilla extract and all things vanilla, I was excited to give this product a try. The Amazon page for this product suggests using this vanilla bean powder for baking, as a vanilla extract substitute, added to coffee, in DIY gifts, as home-made bug repellant, aromatherapy and more.

Vanilla Bean Powder Close Up | maegal.com

Unfortunately, I’ve not been impressed with this product. I feel bad for saying it, but the point is to always be honest here! I want to give them to benefit of the doubt, but the some reviews make me think mine is not just a disappointing batch. (The majority of reviews were great, makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong…)

It began with the fact that I was expecting to be bombarded with vanilla scent upon opening the package. If this weren’t labeled, I would never know it’s vanilla. I tried it in my coffee, brewing it in with the beans as suggested. Nothing. I could certainly taste that there was a flavor, but vanilla was not it. It was more of an earthy flavor, if anything at all.

Vanilla Bean Powder Information  | maegal.com

I think it would be useful in a face scrub as a biodegradable abrasive agent, which is likely how I’ll use it up. That’s about the only way I can see it being something for me personally. Else wise, I don’t really see me using it.

Overall, I’m confused by this product. I really want to like it, but I don’t at the moment.  I’d still like to try this powder in cooking, like a basic sugar cookie. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and think perhaps this powder requires some heat from baking to activate the flavor.


What to give it a try? 100% Money Back Guarantee makes it worth a shot, right?


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