#Review: Color Gallery Acrylic Paints – Set of 12

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small payment if clicked.

Color Gallery Acrylic Paint Set  | maegal.com

For review, I was sent the Color Gallery Acrylic 12-Piece Paint Set *. This set features 12 small tubes filled with a rainbow of colors of acrylic paint. I liked this set initially because of the size of each paint tube and the variety of colors. I definitely am more interested in having a variety of colors rather than larger containers of paint. I generally don’t use much paint in a sitting, so it’s better for me like this.

Color Gallery Acrylic Paints  | maegal.com

I was excited to try out this paints mainly because I knew it would force me into painting something again, even if only for one afternoon for the sake of reviewing these paints. I’ve always loved painting the most out of any arts/crafts. I’m not particularly skilled in the department, but I find the act of painting to be soothing and enjoyable. And when I do paint, acrylics are always my choice medium and inexpensive canvases are always my choice work surface.

Check out MaeGal on YouTube for a video overview of this Color Gallery Acrylic Paint Set (coming soon).

These paints are appropriate for children and adults alike (though remember that acrylics don’t wash out well, so wear something you don’t care about). I can only say good things about this product. I’m pleased with the quality of the paint and the pigmentation of the colors. I like the tubes and the packaging. My one silly little OCD complaint is that the color tubes inside the box do not come arranged in the order that the color stripe on the outside of the box indicates. Obviously, not an issue- but I did have to rearrange them promptly!

Be Quick But Don't Hurry | maegal.com Nighttime Skyline | maegal.com


What to paint something yourself?

Overall, I’m quite pleased with these paints and am glad that I opted to review them. I will continue to use these paints until they’re all gone (which should be some time). I’m moving in a month, and while I won’t be taking all my arts and craft supplies with me (too many!), I will be taking these paints as their size will not take up too much space at all.

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