#Review & #Giveaway: Sample Tea Set from Enjoying Tea |Ends 7/17

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review.


For review, I was sent a set of six sample teas from Enjoying Tea. I adore tea, and have been meaning to get back into drinking more tea. While it seems counterintuitive, I tend to drink more tea in the summer (specifically in the evenings). With six different flavors, I knew I would certainly be having a fun time enjoying tea! (Semi-pun intended.)

Enjoying Tea Six Named Sample Teas | maegal.com

The six flavors I was sent in my sample set were:

Jasmine Green Tea – a nice jasmine tea flavored green tea. I’m not usually a fan of jasmine, but I found this one to be rather delightful.

Keemun Black Tea – a nice black tea. One of my favorites from this sampling, because I do love colored teas, and had forgotten how much I like black tea.

Roasted Mate Chai – I had never tried Mate tea and found it to be a fun try. You can certainly taste the chai, too. Chia is another flavor I generally don’t go for, but this turned out to be a favorite.

Earl Grey Black Tea – One of my all time favorite, black tea and Earl Grey. My Dad use to drink Earl Grey every day in a bit thermos, so the flavor brings back happy childhood memories.

Organic Slimming Oolong Tea – again, I’d never tried Oolong tea before (mainly because I’m not particularly interested in slimming teas), but I liked this flavor!

Vanilla Rooibos – my new favorite?! I’m surprised that I like these tea considering its floral-esque nature. But I’m not surprised because I love vanilla, and this tea has a lovely flavor of vanilla!

loose leaf enjoying tea sample | maegal.com

My favorite part of this product has to be the quality and the variety. I was so pleased to have six samples to choose from! The small tin cans that hold the tea are just too cute. I’m already planning on refilling them with various loose leaf teas I plan to purchase once these are all gone. I’ll likely purchase more teas in the flavors I like most from Enjoying Tea.

Brewing Tea | maegal.com

Overall, the name says it- I enjoyed these teas! It was fun to try out some flavors I’d never tried before, as well as some long time favorites. I liked the quality of these teas and the flavors they produced. It’s always fun to use loose leaf teas, it’s just better tea. And I get to use my cute cupcake/tart tea strainer!

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6 thoughts on “#Review & #Giveaway: Sample Tea Set from Enjoying Tea |Ends 7/17

  1. Wow – they have a lot of teas. I’d try just about any of them, but I’ll say On The Waterfront.

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