#Review: Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands- Set of 4

This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will compensate me if clicked and/or a purchase is made.

For review, I was sent a set of 4 Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands.* This set comes with four different bands, of four different strengths (light, medium, heavy, and x-heavy). These bands are flexible, durable and come with a carrying case. You can use one band at a time, or use more than one to make a custom strength just for you. Perfect for fitness and exercise, or physical therapy needs.

I was interested in trying out these resistance bands for myself because 1) I don’t currently own any nor have I ever, 2) I’m still trying to find little ways to encourage exercise in myself, and 3) I thought there would be perfect spur-of-the-moment fitness items, as they’re small enough to sit at my desk. 

Phantom Fit Resistance Bands Weights | maegal.com

As I’ve never really used resistance bands before, I didn’t have anything to compare these to. I can only vouch for my experience with them, which has been good overall! I found that the different strength were perfect. The light weight one is great for building up my leg strength when used at my ankles, while the heavy band is great for working on my arm strength. I’ve been finding, as well as reading about, all sort of different methods for using this bands and building arm strength.

The one small complaint I have is that the black carrying case these bands come with is a tad small. It’s not particularly easy to get the bands into the carrying case, at least without them being all shoved in haphazardly. (Which is every so bothersome to someone like me with slight OCD tendencies.)

Overall, I like these Phantom Fit Resistance Loops Bands. I will continue to use them, as I have them sitting at my desk right in eyesight so I can’t forget about them! I like that they’re small come in varied strengths. Perfect if you’re in the market for some strength training gear, or physical therapy items (my grandmother has a similar set in weaker strengths to try and keep her strength present).

Interested in strengthening with resistance bands?

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