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This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small commission is clicked and a purchase is made.

For review, I was sent two copper mugs from Pure Copper. Made from pure copper, as the name suggests, these mugs are great at keeping your drink cold all while looking good. Choose from either a smooth-looking or a hammered-looking mug from this company, or choose both like I did!

Pure Copper Mugs Packaging | maegal.com

I’ve been seeing a lot of copper mugs around lately, and wanted to try them out for myself. Plus, it was a great excuse to make a somewhat fancy cocktail, as copper mugs are known for housing Moscow Mules and variations of that drink. I first became aware of such a drink about a year ago when a friend ordered one at a bar. The fact that it came in a fancy mug just makes it more appealing.

Hammered Pure Copper Mug | maegal.com Pure Copper Mug Inside Detail | maegal.com

Pure Copper Mug Hammered | maegal.com Pure Copper Smooth Mug | maegal.com

Here is the drink I made for my Mom and myself so that we could test out our copper mugs. The mugs came with recipe cards for a number of great Mule variations, but I opted to create my own. And it turned out rather well, or so I was told and thought myself!

Somehow I failed to take pictures of said drink. I do have a video I may upload at some point.


Red Raspberry Mule

  1. Pour 2 oz vodka or raspberry vodka into shaker.
  2. Muddle in 5 raspberries.
  3. Squeeze in ½ a lime’s juice.
  4. Add ice to shaker and shake.
  5. Pour into copper mug.
  6. Add 5 oz ginger beer.
  7. (Optional) Drizzle with honey.
  8. Garnish with lime slice and raspberry.

Pure Copper Mug Smoother Detailed | maegal.com

Overall, I like these copper mugs. I enjoyed making my Red Raspberry Mule, and enjoying drinking it. My Mom also enjoyed the drink I made for her, and was a fan of these copper mugs. I would certainly recommend Pure Copper mugs to anyone in the market for such a mug.


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