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This post contains products received for free in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small commission if clicked/ if a purchase is made.

For review, I was sent a set of LINKYO RFID Anti-Theft Protector Sleeves*. The set I received contains 10 sleeves; 2 passport sleeves, 5 plain white card sleeves, and 5 green patterned card sleeves. It’s always a good idea to protect yourself from theft as much as possible, even digital theft like this. Great for use in big cities, while traveling abroad, or just for peace of mind at home.

LINKYO RFID Protector Sleeves| maegal.com

I reviewed this product on Amazon, and thought that rather than rewriting my review, I would simply share my review with you all here, too;

“I’d never been particularly interested in RFID protecting sleeves while living in my small town. (Aside from the year I had an enhanced drivers license and wanted to protect that in the provided sleeve.) Now that I’ve recently moved the the city, I was very interested in using these RFID sleeves. It give me a better sense of security knowing that my cards are protected from unwanted digital thief attempts.

While I could do without the plain, white sleeves that are not unlike the one I was issued with my enhanced license, I’m quite a fan of the green patterned ones. I like that the opening in on the side of the sleeve versus the top of the sleeve. This makes for the perfect sleeve to fit with my card inside the slot in my wallet. It’s pretty easy to pull out when I need it, and not too hard to put back in one handed. I also like that these seems to be the thicker of the two type of sleeves, which seems to be a factor in determining their protectiveness.

I also like the passport protectors. While I don’t travel much using my passport, I’ll look forward to using this sleeve the next time I do travel abroad. (Though other reviewers seem to indicate that this is unnecessary for passports issued post-2006, when apparently the covers of passports were modified to provide their own protection. But I don’t mind being extra safe!”

LINKYO RFID Card Protector Sleeve | maegal.com

Overall, I like and have no complaints about these LINKYO RFID Protector Sleeves. I will be continuing to use them, particularly now that I’m living in a bigger city. I’ll be saving some for replacements when mine get worn out, and the plain white ones will go to my mother who was interested in having some for herself. I would recommend these sleeves to travelers, city dwellers, and anyone else looking for piece of mind.

Interested in protecting your own cards/ passports?


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